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Who's going to make the gravy?

With the silly season upon us, perhaps spare a thought for those spending this time of year in prison away from their family. If you'd like to hear about what Christmas in prison is really like ,including from my own experience, you can listen to this episode of ABC Radio National's Earshot, which aired on Monday and can now be listened to online. I'm one of several former incarcerated people interviewed for the program, which took its inspiration from Paul Kelly's classic song How to make Gravy.

I suppose I'll take the opportunity of my last blog post for the year to fill you in on a few things. Earlier this month, I was honoured to be featured on an episode of the podcast Talking Time with Lukas and Alicia. You can check that out here if you haven't caught it already. And through the miracle of Googling myself, I've discovered Library Journal's great review of the book This Is Ear Hustle, which seems to think pretty highly of my illustrations in it.

For those of you who have been following my story longer than others, you may know I've been campaigning for the release of Missouri prisoner Bobby Bostic for three years now. Bobby was sentenced to 241 years in prison back in 1995 for robberies he committed when he was 16. After much campaigning, I'm please to let you know that just this week Bobby was granted a parole date 12 months from now. So after 26 years, this will be Bobby's last Christmas in prison. I couldn't have asked for better news.

As always I've got some big plans for next year, some of which have arisen thanks to my Ear Hustle art exhibition still on display in Sydney. I'm sure I'll fill you about that details soon enough, but that's enough news for one day.

Happy holidays everyone, and see you next year.

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