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Damien Linnane

Activist - Artist - Author


Damien Linnane is the author of the thriller novel Scarred, which was written by hand while he was incarcerated for crimes the sentencing magistrate described as an act of vigilantism.


He has also written a memoir, Raw, released in November 2023.

Scarred final cover.png


Damien runs the art business Vigilante Studios, specialising in photo-realistic drawings using graphite. In 2021, Damien illustrated the book This is Ear Hustle under a contract with Random House. Commissions are currently closed as Damien is curating an international exhibition.


To see more art, follow Vigilante Studios on Instagram: @EmbersOfRetribution 


Digital art sales (NFTs) can be purchased through OpenSea. Custom NFTs can be created on request.

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In the Press

Damien gives interviews and talks regarding the prison system, alongside his various projects. Click here for a complete collection of Damien’s publications and press appearances.

Contact him for interviews, speaking appearances or to commission articles.

Download his press kit here.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 October 2022, page 3
The Australian Weekender, 11 November 2023
In The Press


2020 photoshoot.jpg

Damien Linnane is the author of the thriller novel Scarred, which was shortlisted for the QWC Adaptable program. He has also written for several news websites and academic sources.


In 2021, Damien became the editor of Paper Chained, a magazine for prisoners, and the host of Broken Chains, a podcast on the prison system produced in conjunction with the City of Newcastle.

Self-taught while in prison, Damien is also an artist, has held six solo art exhibitions, and is the illustrator of the book This is Ear Hustle.

Damien holds a master's degree in Information Studies and is currently completing a PhD in law. He also lobbies for better educational programs and mental health support for incarcerated people, and is available for interviews and speaking appearances.

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