Broken Chains

A podcast made in conjunction with the City of Newcastle

Get up close with the reality of Australia’s prison system. Hosted by Damien Linnane and commissioned by the City of Newcastle, Broken Chains interviews formerly incarcerated people about their life both inside prison and after release.


In season one, over four episodes, Damien and his guests unpack topics such as modern slavery, life beyond prison, mental health and art behind bars. A second season has been recorded, and is currently in the post-production stage.


Please get in touch if you have been involved in the prison system in any capacity and are interested in appearing on the podcast.

Episode 1: Modern Slavery
7 September 2021
Episode 3: Mental Health
21 September 2021
Episode 2: Beyond Prison
14 September 2021
Episode 4: Art Behind Bars
28 September 2021

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