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High levels of physical and sexual violence.

There were five now. The mugger, the sex offender, the wife-beater, the drug-dealer. And of course, Peter. Jason hadn’t needed a gun to kill Peter.


Jason Ennis doesn't understand why the world is such a confusing place. Why it's so difficult to read between the lines, so hard to understand what people want, such a struggle to fit in. Not that he isn’t trying as he works a dead-end job and chips away at a degree that’s going nowhere. But good things come to those who wait. Sometimes, when he least expects it, he gets a chance to make a real difference. To make the world a better place. By removing someone else from it. Someone who doesn’t fit in with his standards of behaviour, someone who reminds him of how they scarred him as a child.

“Damien Linnane’s Scarred is a poignant thriller that speaks to the addictiveness of vengeance. Jason Ennis emerges from an abominable childhood into an adulthood that is light on human connection. It’s a powerful debut, both page-turner and tragic exploration of the mistakes the well-meaning make when they don’t know how to feel.” – Edward Wright, book reviewer for The Australian

“… a brilliant fiction debut. There is never a dull moment in the 400-plus pages, written with street-smart thought patterns that make the characters come to life in Sydney as they blend in to the people-scape.”

– Jim Kellar, editor of the Newcastle Herald Weekender

Scarred is a crime thriller set in the heart of Sydney focusing on two independently operating serial killers and the homicide detective hunting them both. Scarred was written over a period of five months by hand while Damien was in prison. Scarred will be particularly appealing to residents of Sydney, people with or familiar with high-functioning autism and anyone who enjoys a psychological thriller.

Scarred is published by Tenth Street Press and is available for purchase in both paperback and eBook formats.  Scarred is distributed in Australia by Ingram and the paperback version will be available for order in most bookstores.


A full list of online sellers for the paperback version can be found at Booko.

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A Memoir


Coming Soon

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"I guess I put torching that rapist's house in the same box as the time I got married in Vegas. In the sense that it was an incredible experience, and I don't regret it at all, but that being said I'd be hesitant to do it again."

- Damien Linnane, Raw: A Memoir

Raw - A Memoir

A draft of Raw has been completed and it is currently being submitted to publishers for consideration, and other writers for ongoing feedback. To be notified when it is released, please subscribe to the blog. If you would be interested in providing feedback on the draft, please get in touch.