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Jailbreak Radio and Broken Chains season 2

It's been a busy few weeks friends, but then again it always is. The second half of February saw the release of the season 2 of my podcast Broken Chains. Three episodes have already been released, and the fourth one is due to drop on Monday the 7th of March. Check them out from my podcasts page, or wherever you get your podcasts from.

The 19th of February also saw the celebration for my art exhibition, Broken Chains: Prisoners Unlocking Potential (pictured). After many pandemic-induced delays it was great to finally have a 'launch' for the event, even if it was technically more of a closing party. The exhibition came down on February 27, but you can still check it out digitally both online and at the Newcastle Digital Library.

On February 27, I also hosted my first ever radio program. I'm very proud to let you know I hosted that weeks episode of Jailbreak, which was aired on 2SER on February 27, and also on Koori Radio the following day. If you missed it live you can still check it out online here. And rest assured as usual there's more interviews and projects in the pipeline, which I'm sure you'll hear about before too long.

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