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New podcast interview with Felony Inc

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I’m very pleased to announce I’m following up my first UK interview (see last post) with my first US interview. The awesome team over at Felony Inc Podcast interviewed me for their 122nd episode, which was released earlier today. Topics discussed included the prison system, my novel, and also my activism for my good friend Bobby Bostic. You can find the link for the Apple Podcast version here.

With the anniversary of the release of my novel Scarred approaching late next month, promotion for it is starting to wind down. I’ve already given an interview for a magazine which will be released in a couple weeks, and recorded another video for a public library that doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet, and while I have a couple more promotional things left in the pipeline my main focus at the moment is putting the finishing touches on my memoir. I ended up hiring the same manuscript assessor I originally got for my novel, and their completed report was finished a couple days ago. The feedback was great, but as always, there’s a lot of recommendations for improvements. At this stage my aim is to have the memoir polished up enough to start submitting it to publishers by the end of November. Hopefully it takes less than three years for me to find a publisher this time. Wish me luck.

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