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Ninth International Cure Conference

It's been an incredibly exciting week both participating and speaking at my first international conference. The Ninth International Cure Conference, hosted by Cure International and Pan Africa Cure and held in Nairobi, Kenya, was an incredible success and an amazing opportunity. Every continent and over 20 countries were represented. Pictured is the panel I was part of on the first day, talking about prison conditions worldwide. Naturally, my talk focused on the Australian system, and most of the international audience was shocked and appalled to learn that Indigenous Australians are the most incarcerated people on earth, and that Australia is one of the few western nations to imprison 10-year-olds. Most incredible for me to learn, however, is how the same countries all around the world have very similar problems within their prison systems, ranging from a lack of education inside to a lack of transitional support upon release. Clearly, there's huge need for international collaboration for addressing issues that are not isolated to any single country.

From here I'll take what I've learned home with me in a couple days, where I will go straight back into my PhD research, and also making the next issue of Paper Chained. I used the opportunity of networking at the conference to interview many people for the September issue of the magazine, including an incredible formerly incarcerated Kenyan artist. A detailed report form the conference will feature in the issue, so head to the Paper Chained website and subscribe if you want to check it out as soon as it's released.

In unrelated news, my art exhibition, Loud Sky, which is currently on display at The Lock-Up in Newcastle Australia until May 21, has been a great success, and has even received media coverage on The Conversation. I'm also pleased to announce I've been selected to feature in this year's Collect exhibition, also on at The Lock-Up, which will go on display from June 3 until July 16. And while I've got your attention, head over to the podcast section of my webpage to check out two new interviews with me, including one just released today.

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