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Scarred long-listed for the 2022 Adaptable program

I'm very pleased to announce my novel Scarred has been long-listed for the 2022 Adaptable program, run by the Queensland Writers Centre. The shortlist will get the chance to pitch their book to producers and screenwriters at this years Gold Coast Film Festival. I'm very grateful to have made it this far, and hopefully at some point in the future you'll be able to see a TV or film version of Scarred.

In unrelated news, the final episode of season two of my podcast Broken Chains has now been released, and this week I also appeared on an episode of the podcast Talking Inclusion. Special thanks to host Bill Armstrong for inviting me on his program.

I'm not sure yet if they'll be a third season of Broken Chains yet, as my plans for this year have already gotten a lot busier. What's left of my social life is probably going to be trampled into non-existence, as I've just commenced a studying a PhD in law through the University of Newcastle, exploring barriers and challenges people with disabilities face when impacted by the criminal justice system. This is a topic that I feel particularly passionate about due to lived experience. You may have heard a bit about that in all the various interviews I've done, and you'll be able to read the whole story in my upcoming memoir. In any case I'm very excited to start this new chapter of my life, and while I'm sure it will keep me very busy, hopefully working towards my doctorate won't take too much time away from my other art and writing projects.

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