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Scarred now available on Kobo

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

When Scarred was released last November in paperback, my publisher signed an exclusive deal with Kindle for the digital version. The terms of that agreement have now expired, so I'm pleased to announce Scarred is now available from other ebook providers. It launched on Kobo today (see here), and it should be available from all the other leading sellers within a couple weeks.

In other news, unfortunately COVID-19 has claimed yet another business, in the form of news website 10 daily, which will close down this Friday. While I’m upset I will no longer be able to write for them I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity. They will be missed.

Something I learnt in prison is that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. One of the first things I did in prison was start writing my novel. When that was finished I started teaching myself to draw. When the pandemic restrictions started I took it as an opportunity to focus my energy on completing my master’s degree. The coursework is now done and I am essentially just waiting for the current semester to formally end so that I can apply to graduate. Now that that chapter of my life is over I’m finally free to focus more on my autobiography. I’ve now cracked the 100,000 word mark, and hope to have an ‘up-to-date’ draft within the next couple months. Watch this space as always folks. 🙂

Update: Now also available at Booktopia ebooks, Barnes and Noble ebooks and Apple Books.

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