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Artwork featured in Inside Out Issue 8

Life has been busy my friends. This year I’m taking extra units towards my master’s degree so I can have it finished around mid next year, and I am also stepping up the efforts to find a publisher for my novel. I’m 32,000 words into the first draft of my autobiography and as those of you who follow

my Instagram page would know I’ve been busy pumping out new portraits. So busy in fact that only today am I discovering the last issue of the prison newsletter Inside Out was released over a month ago. To think it was scarcely two and a half years ago that I was still in prison and something like Inside Out coming in the mail would have been the highlight of an otherwise uneventful day.

Times have changed for me, I now find myself trying to schedule time to read and keep up to date with things like this, but the fantastic team that put this newsletter together are still as committed as ever making sure this groovy zine brightens up the day of a lot of inmates. Pictured is one of my three drawings they’ve featured in the latest issue; I submitted these last year after they put a call out for artwork. Nothing my Instagram followers haven’t seen already, but there’s also plenty cool art and other stuff from the newsletter’s other contributors. You can read the issue online here.

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