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Broken Chains media coverage and podcast release date

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

It's been a great week for media coverage for my various projects. I'm currently featured in this week's edition of Newcastle Weekly (read online here on page 8), as well as today's print edition of the Newcastle Herald Weekender (click image to expand or read online here). As the Weekender article mentions, we now have a release date for my upcoming podcast Broken Chains. Episode one is scheduled to drop on August 9. We have four episode recorded for season one, and they'll be released weekly starting from that day. Links and a new blog entry will be posted as soon as they are live.

I've been getting really good feedback about the Broken Chains art exhibition at Wallsend Public Library. As previously mentioned it will be on display until November 7, and for those of you not in the greater Newcastle region, you should be able to view the exhibition online in the coming days. And hopefully I'll be able to tell you about an upcoming exhibition in Sydney shortly. Dates are currently a bit tentative due to the pandemic but it will be up sooner or later.

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