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Free September presentations

If you just can't get enough of me, I've got good news. You'll be able to attend two free events in Newcastle that I'll be involved with in September.

On September 8, I'm co-presenting a talk on 'Preserving History through Digitisation'. The event will be held at 10am on Thursday September 8, as part of Lake Macquarie's History Illuminated project. Join myself and Community Museum Operator Meg O'Connell as we talk about preserving history. Meg's talk will focus on large-scale collections, whereas mine will focus on how my prison experience led to me becoming editor of Paper Chained, which in turn led me on a path to research and preserve the history of prison newsletters in Australia. The event is free but registrations are needed. Click here if you'd like to attend.

The following week on Thursday September 15 at 5pm, I'll be hosting a screening and discussion panel of the film Incarceration Nation. Incarceration Nation is a powerful and groundbreaking documentary which tells the story of Indigenous incarceration in Australia from invasion to today. Told by First Nations voices, this film goes beyond the headlines and statistics to the real people and families who are harmed by our justice system. After the screening, I'll be hosting a panel discussion and Q&A to discuss the issues raised in the documentary and how we can all take action to create meaningful change. If you'd like to attend the screening, please register here.

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