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New academic chapter and opinion piece published

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I'm please to let you all know I've reached a new milestone as a writer. A chapter I wrote for the peer-reviewed academic journal Advances in Librarianship was recently published, marking my first writing in academia. My chapter, and the entire 49th issue of the journal, focuses on prison libraries. If you've got access to the journal via your educational institution, or you're really keen to subscribe online, you can check it out here. I can't begin to imagine how many academic articles I referenced between by bachelor's and master's degrees. It's a strange and wonderful feeling to know a student might be referencing my writing in an essay or report one day.

I've also just had an article published by the opinion site The Big Smoke (pictured). You can read that one here. The Big Smoke told me they're interested in commissioning further pieces from me in the future, so watch this space for more.

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