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New podcasts available

Today the final episode of season one of my podcast, Broken Chains, was released. You can catch it here, and if you missed episode three which came out last week, catch up by clicking here. I'm really enjoying how Broken Chains explores completely different subjects with former prisoners. In episode three, you can hear me talking to Jacob Little from About Time For Justice about the lack of mental health treatment in prison, and on episode four you can hear me talking to Newcastle artist Jayde Farrell about making art in prison. Please check out the fantastic work of About Time for Justice, and do make sure to check out Jayde's art on his Instagram page as well.

Today's actually a double yolker for podcasts, as not only is the latest episode of my podcast now available, but an interview I did with the wonderful women at Radio A and A has been released in podcast format this morning, after appearing on 3CR community radio Melbourne last night. Radio A and A, named after hosts Anne-lise and Ani, focuses on community and individual responses to harm, transformative justice, accountability, safety, support and healing and prison abolition. For my interview they wanted to talk to me about ethics of solidarity when working alongside people in prison. Check out the episode here, and learn more about them at their website.

Things are progressing steadily towards season two of Broken Chains, and I'm currently arranging several interviews, though I'm still open for more. If you've been involved in the criminal justice system in any capacity, such as being a staff member, being incarcerated, or being a family member of someone who has been, please get in touch if you'd like to share your story.

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