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Call for submissions to Paper Chained

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Submissions for the third issue of Paper Chained are now open. Paper Chained is a journal of expression for prisoners and ex-prisoners, their family and friends, and anyone affected by the criminal justice system. Submissions of all kinds are accepted, including personal stories, poetry and short fiction. If you or anyone you know might have something they'd like to share please get in touch with Running Wild, the organisation that runs the journal. You can find their email and postal address here.

This year I'll either be submitting the first chapter of my novel Scarred, or the prologue of my upcoming autobiography. I haven't decided which yet, but either way I intend for this to serve as a teaser of sorts, hopefully providing entertainment and also generating some interest in one of my upcoming books at the same time. I have some time to think about it though; submissions are open until October 31st this year, with Issue 3 scheduled to drop sometime in November.

The fundraiser to help cover the costs of running the journal is also still open. Please click here to contribute.

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