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Happy holidays and end of year wrap-up

Well I still can't believe 2022 is almost at an end. Firstly, as the year ends I'm pleased to announce my conference earlier this month, Medicare in Prisons: Lobbying for reforms in custodial healthcare, was a huge success. We're currently networking with several organisation and politicians regarding where we take our campaign to make medicare available in prisons in the new year. Watch this space for more.

In the first quarter of this year I released four episode of my podcast Broken Chains. The bad news is that Broken Chains is now on indefinite hiatus; the good news is the reason I no longer have the time to make it is because I received a United Nations scholarship to complete a PhD in law. Things with that are going ahead of schedule, with the work tying in heavily with my ongoing campaign for Medicare in prisons.

In addition to hosting my podcast, I hosted an episode of Jailbreak Radio (now available on YouTube), and appeared on both ABC Radio Newcastle and ABC Radio National. I also featured as a guest on three other podcasts, and recorded the disclaimer for an episode of the award-winning podcast Ear Hustle. Links to all my appearances on other podcasts are available from my podcasts page.

After taking over as editor of Paper Chained magazine, I published my first four issues this year. All issues of can be read freely on the Paper Chained website. Other things I've had published include an article in Eureka Street, and a report published by the University of Newcastle. I've also been interviewed by Australian Doctor, The Sydney Morning Herald, Thrive magazine and the San Francisco Public Library, among others, and given several talks. A full list is on my press and media page.

In art news, my exhibition at the San Fransisco Public Library is still up for another week. This year I've had solo exhibitions at Charlestown Library, Wallsend Library and Port Macquarie Library, and been part of group shows at the Queensland Maritime Museum, The Lock-Up, Newcastle Art Space and Big Screen Plaza in New York. You can see photos from all events over on my art page, and don't forget to follow my art on Instagram if you aren't already. As the year winds up you'll find me furiously working on pieces for my next exhibition, which opens at The Lock Up on March 31, 2023. Naturally there's a lot more planned for next year, but I think I've bombarded you with enough links for one day.

Happy holidays everyone. Thanks for following my story, stay safe over the silly season, and I'll see you next year.

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